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May 2016 Update

Huinan County Qingyang Zhongyangpu Yu-Lang Hope Elementary School

Date of Visit: May 17, 2016

Purpose of Visit: Project Completion

Grades: K-6

The school does not provide boarding, but has two buses that transport students to and from school daily.


No. of Students: 260 (no boarding)

Students do well and steadily progress. They begin learning English in the third grade. Upon graduation, students go on to study at Qingyang Town’s middle school.


No. of Teachers: 29

There are specialized teachers for English, music, PE, and art classes. Computer classes are also part of the curriculum.


– 9 classrooms
– 6 teachers’ offices
– 6 multipurpose rooms (for multimedia, computers, music, art, and auditorium)
– Library: ~4,200 books
– Computer Room: 24 computers for students + 11 computers for teachers
– Cafeteria: provides warm meals; plans to setup a hope kitchen starting in September.
– Restrooms: well-maintained


The campus grounds are not landscaped, and the playground needs concrete grounding. Needs a budget to get these two tasks completed.