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April 2012 Update

Huangshan District Wushi Yu-Lang Hope School

Date of Visit: April 20, 2012

Purpose of Visit: New Project Contract

Grades: 1-9 (18 classes total)

Although the school teaches grades 1-9, there are not enough classrooms to incorporate all of the students. Because of this, the elementary grade students are currently being sent to eight smaller surrounding village-level schools for their lessons. The plan is to build a new school building to allow the local elementary school students to all study together at a central location. The local government pays for various costs such as insurance, nutritious meals, etc. If the school can receive enough funding in the future, there are plans to build an additional teachers’ dormitory. Huangshan District’s Department of Education chief and Wushi Town’s mayor have promised that if the school receives funding, they will set strict standards for quality, safe building construction.


No. of Students: 462 (285 elementary + 177 junior high; 72 boarding)

The students have a positive attitude towards learning. 94.6% of graduating students continue studying in high school or vocational school. Of these students, about 60% go to high school, and 40% go to vocational school (tourism-related industries such as food/drink hospitality, tour guides, etc.).


No. of Teachers: 51 (25 in elementary + 26 junior high; 26 boarding)

Teachers are well-qualified, with the junior high division ranking in the top three schools in the district, and the elementary school division ranking amongst the top five in the district.


– 8 classrooms
– 27 dormitory rooms (can house up to 270 people)
– No library, but the school has around 5,000 books available.
– Computer room: 20 computers
– Cafeteria: accommodates up to 200 people
– Restrooms: 21 squat toilets
– Playground/Athletic area: only a small area due to a lack of space.
– Enclosure walls: only in certain areas next to neighboring residents.

Proposed Construction

One two-story school building to be split into six classrooms, two offices, and two restrooms.


The school is in need of funding.