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April 2012 Update

Jinzhai County Zhangchong Yu-Lang Hope Middle School

Date of Visit: April 19, 2012

Purpose of Visit: Project Progress Inspection

Grades: 7-9 (8 classes total)

The new mixed-use building funded by TDF is still under construction with only the structure completed. The progress has been slow because: 1) excavators hit solid rock when digging for the building foundation; and 2) work was stopped during a period of torrential rain. We’ve asked the education bureau to install safety bars outside all of the windows on the 2nd floor and up to ensure student safety.


No. of Students: 372 (220 boarding)

Student performance is ranked 15th out of the 45 junior highs in the county. During 2011 high school entrance exams, the school placed #1 in the county. 30% graduate on to “key high school” [selective high school, 重點高中], 40% graduate on to regular high school, and the remaining go on to vocational school or begin working.


No. of Teachers: 29

Hardworking and dedicated. Several teachers have won province-level awards.


– 12 classrooms
– Dormitories
– Library: ~15,000 books
– Computer Room: 50 computers (but on 12 usable)
– Cafeteria: old one already demolished, waiting to construct new cafeteria
– Restrooms: 26 squat toilets


Need more science & multimedia supplies/equipment. Need 60 computers (based off number of students). Library needs bookshelves.