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April 2012 Update

Xihua County Xihuaying Yu-Lang Hope Elementary School

Date of Visit: April 23, 2012

Purpose of Visit: Project Completion

Grades: 1-4 (4 classes total; 5th & 6th grade temporarily moved to other schools)

Due to construction of the new school building, 5th and 6th graders have been temporarily moved to other schools in town. After this year’s summer break, 80 of those students will return to this school. The construction quality is on the coarse side, with gaps of up to 5cm between some of the acetyl resin window frames and room walls which can make it difficult to keep classrooms warm in the winter. Other areas that were subpar were details like window sill corners, door frame edges, and floor surfaces. Windows on the second floor should also have safety bars installed.


No. of Students: 140 (no boarding)

The academic style is simple. More than half of the students’ parents migrate away for work, causing difficulties in their upbringing (such as generation gap when being brought up by grandparents). In line with the typical 9-year compulsory education system, 100% of students graduate on to junior high in Xihua Town.


No. of Teachers: 7

Teachers are dedicated and enthusiastic about their work. The principal is satisfied with their teaching performance.


– 8 classrooms
– Restrooms: 30 squat-style toilets


In need of a specialized computer teacher, as well as computers, library books, and PE equipment. The playground needs to be concreted.