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April 2012 Update

Yu’an District Luoji Yu-Lang Hope Elementary School

Date of Visit: April 18, 2012

Purpose of Visit: Project Completion

Grades: 1-6 (12 classes total)

The construction quality of the new school building is excellent, with ample lighting in both classrooms and teachers’ offices. This has helped to create a better learning/teaching environment. The teachers are not only enthusiastic about educating students, but are also passionate about organizing extracurricular cultural activities such as music, singing, and dance. After the project completion ceremony, the students and teachers put on a wonderful song and dance performance for us.


No. of Students: 530 (no boarding)

Around 50 students were awarded with city-level student excellence awards. One student was picked to represent Lu’an City in a national youth conference. All students graduate on to the district junior high.


No. of Teachers: 23

One of the teachers has received a province-level award for rural teachers, while many others received district-level commendations. Numerous academic papers written by the faculty have also won awards.


– 10 new classrooms + 2 old classrooms
– Library: ~10,000 books
– Computer Room: Multimedia available, but no computers
– Restrooms


The campus does not have a cafeteria so teachers and students have no space to take their meals. A cafeteria needs to be constructed as soon as possible, with enough space for a kitchen, meal prep area, and dining hall.