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* * * All Members Welcome! * * *

Calligraphy Lecture & Symposium, Pt. 1

* * * All Members Welcome! * * *


April 14, 2014 (Monday at 10:00am


2185 Fortune Drive, San Jose, CA 95131

(Bus Route #77), stop at Lundy Ave. and Fortune Dr.)


Wang Xizhi & “Preface to the Poems Collected from the Orchid Pavilion”, Part 1

[During this event, we will be displaying a limited-edition copy of the “Orchid Pavilion Preface” produced by the Palace Museum in Beijing based off the famous Tang Dynasty reproduction of the work (the original has been lost for centuries).  Only 1,000 copies were made, and it is presented in a silk-lined sandalwood box on fine gold calligraphy paper.]