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March 2013 Update

Huangshan District Wushi Yu-Lang Hope School

Date of Visit: March 24, 2013

Purpose of Visit: Project Progress Inspection

Grades: 1-9 (12 classes total)

The new school building is well-constructed, and classrooms (6) within the building have ample lighting and ceiling fans. The only complaint would be that the bathroom stall walls are too low to provide sufficient privacy.


No. of Students: 453 (283 elementary + 170 junior high; 100 boarding)

Students are eager to learn, earning district education awards year after year. Over 90% of the graduating students are now going on to study in high school or vocational school. The remaining graduates begin working in agriculture or other industries.


No. of Teachers: 51 (27 elementary + 24 junior high)

The teaching quality is excellent, and teachers at the school have received district advanced honors two years in a row.


– 6 new classrooms + 8 old classrooms
– Dormitory (up to 150 people)
– Library: ~10,000 books
– Computer Room: 10 computers (all need replacing)
– Cafeteria: Meals served in two groupings
– Restrooms: 4 with flush-style toilets (2 each male/female)


The computers on campus are too old and more are also required, about 40 new computers needed. Urgent need of replacing the old dorm bunk beds, about 50 needed. More outdoor space is needed to build a recreational area. Still waiting on campus enclosure wall construction and landscaping. Teaching environment needs improvement to attract quality teachers.