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May 2014 Update

Huinan County Qingyang Zhongyangpu Yu-Lang Hope Elementary School

Date of Visit: May 15, 2014

Purpose of Visit: New Project Contract

Grades: K-6

The existing school building (ie. classrooms) is a D-grade dilapidated building, and needs to be demolished.


No. of Students: 425 (no boarding)

Student performance is ranked amongst the top 10 schools in the area.


No. of Teachers: 68

Teachers are enthusiastic, and the turnover rate is low. Music, PE, and English classes are taught, but could use some improvements. English classes begin in the third grade.


– 10 classrooms
– 5 Offices/Multipurpose rooms
– Library: ~6,700 books
– Computer Room: 33 computers + 7 computers for teachers’ use
– Cafeteria: only enough room for students to heat their meals
– Restrooms: pit-style toilets

Proposed Construction

Three-story school building.


The campus grounds have not been concreted.