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May 2015 Update

Duchang County Chunqiao Yanshang Yu-Lang Hope Elementary School

Date of Visit: May 26, 2015

Purpose of Visit: Project Completion

Grades: K-4

The campus grounds have been concreted, and includes an athletic area. There’s also a newly constructed campus enclosure wall. The school also has a security guard.


No. of Students: 186 (no boarding)

Students are energetic.


No. of Teachers: 7

Teaching quality is fine. Teachers are young and enthusiastic.


– 4 classrooms (all equipped with audio-visual equipment and projector)
– 4 offices, multipurpose rooms
– Library: ~2,000 books
– Computer Room: 6 computers
– Cafeteria: newly constructed
– Security guardhouse
– Restrooms: newly constructed, flush-style


The campus needs landscaping. Music, PE, and art classes need improvement/enrichment. Not enough computers.