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May 2016 Update

Jiaohe City Xinnong Subdistrict Xingnong Yu-Lang Hope Elementary School

Date of Visit: May 16, 2016

Purpose of Visit: Revisit

Grades: K-6 (no boarding)


No. of Students: 103

There are less students now than during our previous visits due to local villagers’ outward migration. Students are hardworking, but there is a lack of educational tools at the school. Upon graduation, students go on to study at Xinnong’s combined school (grades 1-9).


No. of Teachers: 11

Teachers at the school receive professional training so turnover rates are low. The English teacher specializes in the subject, while the teachers for music, PE, and art teach those subjects part-time. There are no computer classes.


– 7 classrooms
– 2 teachers’ offices
– 3 multipurpose rooms
– Library: ~300 books (all new)
– Computers: 5 computers (but only for teachers’ use)
– Cafeteria: provides warm meals
– Restrooms: pit-style toilets


Classroom desks/chairs and teachers’ office tables are old. The campus has been landscaped and includes elm and parasol trees. However, the playground needs to be concreted to prevent water ponding. Lacking a school budget.