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May 2017 Update

Huangshan District Wushi Yu-Lang Hope Central School

Date of Visit: May 10, 2017

Purpose of Visit: Revisit

Grades: K-9

The school has shown exceptional performance, and has now been designated as Wushi Town’s central school.


No. of Students: 590 (150 kindergarten, 277 elementary, 163 junior high; 80 boarding)


No. of Teachers: 46 (all boarding)


– Classrooms
– Teachers’ offices
– Multipurpose rooms (multimedia, computer, music, art)
– Dormitories (for students & for teachers)
– Library: ~10,000 books
– Computer room: 50+ computers (but need replacements)
– Cafeteria: well-managed; this school is the only school in Huangshan District that’s testing out a “free nutritious lunch” program, results have been outstanding; meals are served in three shifts and include four dishes and a soup; students are responsible for cleaning up after meals; six workers on staff to prepare meals.
– Restrooms: flush-style toilets; great condition


The school has implemented a highly successful lunchtime “Cultural Lunch” reading program. It is so popular that the school is in need of new books. Since there are around 600 students and teachers dining in the cafeteria everyday, the cafeteria/kitchen facilities need upgrading to support the load. Student showers still need to be constructed.