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May 2017 Update

Jinzhai County Meishan Yu-Lang Hope Experimental Elementary School

Date of Visit: May 12, 2017

Purpose of Visit: Revisit

Grades: 1-6 (15 classes total)

The school was recently promoted and is now designated as an experimental school. There is a great emphasis on moral education, with the goal of fostering students to become exemplary adults. An athletic field is currently under construction and it will feature a 200-meter looped running track, as well as a small-sized soccer field.


No. of Students: 701 (no boarding)

Students begin English classes in the third grade.


No. of Teachers: 36 (lodging available on campus)

English, music, PE, and art classes are taught by part-time teachers. The school also offers calligraphy classes.


– 3 three-storied buildings
– 15+ classrooms (includes computer, music, science, etc. classrooms)
– Teachers’ offices
– Conference room
– Equipment rooms
– Young Pioneers room
– Home for “left-behind” children
– Library: ~12,400 books
– Computer room: 65 computers; broadband bān bān tōng [斑斑通] electronic teaching system
– Cafeteria: students currently go home for lunch, but the school will begin providing nutritious meals in September
– Restrooms: good condition; flush-style toilets
– Athletic field: under construction


Classroom windows need curtains. Classroom desks and chairs are old, and need to be replaced urgently. The campus still needs landscaping and an educational wall mural.