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May 2017 Update

Lengshuitan District Maping Agricultural Development Zone Yu-Lang Hope School

Date of Visit: May 15, 2017

Purpose of Visit: Revisit

Grades: 1-9 (18 classes total: 13 elementary, 5 junior high)

This school is now considered a distinguished school. The curriculum model encourages students to inquire and research independently, and it has helped reform the local education system. It has helped the school win numerous awards.


No. of Students: 733 (no boarding)

Around 40% of graduating students go on to study in high school, while the remaining students go on to vocational school or begin working.


No. of Teachers: 57 (some boarding)

Music, English, art, and PE teachers are specialized in their subjects.


– 2 three-storied school buildings + 1 four-storied science building
– Classrooms (some classes utilize bān bān tōng [斑斑通]electronic interactive teaching system, more needed for all classes)
– Teachers’ offices
– Conference room
– Multimedia room
– Science rooms
– Library: ~20,000 books
– Computer room: 45 computers
– Music room
– Art room
– Dance room
– Nurse’s office
– Student counseling office

– 1 two-storied dormitory
– Auditorium
– Cafeteria: well-managed; provides nutritious lunches at 4RMB/meal
– Restrooms: good condition; flush-style toilets
– Athletic field: 200-meter running track
– 3 school buses


Campus landscaping work has yet to begin. A school-wide notification system still needs to be finished.