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May 2017 Update

Shuangpai County Chalin Yu-Lang Hope School

Date of Visit: May 16, 2017

Purpose of Visit: Revisit

Grades: 1-9 (14 classes total)

The school is located in the foothills on a sloped plot of land, with an expansive area and surrounded by beautiful scenery. The campus is landscaped with an abundance of trees and greenery, as well as a “cultural walkway” (displaying words of wisdom, collages, bulletins, etc.). There are plans to construct an athletic field, expand the cafeteria, and rebuild the teachers’ dormitory.


No. of Students: 521 (192 boarding)

Athletic performance is especially strong at this school. About 30% of graduating students go on to regular high school, while the remaining go on to vocational school or begin working.


No. of Teachers: 40 (all boarding)

Teacher turnover rate is high. Music, English, art and PE classes have specialized teachers.


– 1 three-storied school building
– 2 two-storied mixed-use buildings
– 1 four-storied dormitory building
– Classrooms (equipped with bān bān tōng [斑斑通] interactive teaching system)
– Teachers’ offices
– Conference room
– Music room
– Science room
– Library: ~14,000 books
– Computer room: 45 computers
– Cafeteria: good condition; provides nutritious lunches (1 meat dish, 1 vegetable dish, and 1 egg); boarding students also receive breakfast and dinner
– Restrooms: good condition; flush-style toilets


The school is looking into constructing another building, plans are currently underway. The annual budget is not enough for running the school.