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May 2017 Update

Xintian County Jicun Yu-Lang Hope School

Date of Visit: May 16, 2017

Purpose of Visit: Revisit

Grades: K (2 classes total), 5-9 (12 classes total)

The school’s education model emphasizes on integrity and gratitude.


No. of Students: 726 (206 boarding)

Students begin computer classes in the fifth grade.


No. of Teachers: 47 (30 boarding)


– Three-storied mixed-use school building
– Two-storied dormitory building
– Classrooms (all equipped with bān bān tōng [斑斑通] electronic interactive teaching systems)
– Teacher’s office
– Conference Room
– Library: ~2,000 books
– Science Room
– Computer Room: 40 computers (in adequate condition)
– Cafeteria: 240 person occupancy; provides free nutritious lunches
– Restrooms: non-flushing style toilets
– Athletic field
– School bus (for kindergarten students)


The athletic field grounds need to be concreted. The grounds are soaked and muddy after it rains, making it impossible to be used. Student desks/chairs are old and need replacing, about 200 sets needed. Around half of the students’ parents work far away, with the children being watched by other relatives like their grandparents. This often leads to intergenerational conflicts. Teacher turnover rates are high, as they would rather teach in larger, county-level cities. Graduation rates are below average, but the students perform well in athletics.