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November 2015 Update

Haiyuan County Xi’an Yu-Lang Hope Kindergarten

Date of Visit: November 5, 2015

Purpose of Visit: Project Completion

Grades: K2-K3 (2 classes total)

Policies for kindergarten education in China are set to become more specialized. Kindergartens that were once part of elementary schools will soon be phased out in favor of kindergarten-only schools. However, lack of funding and shortages of qualified kindergarten teachers will cause some difficulties in full implementation. The campus is spacious, with an ample amount of classrooms and enough facilities/equipment (the music room has 30 electric pianos, the art classroom has easels, etc.). The only issue is finding enough qualified teachers with the appropriate inner qualities for teaching very young children.


No. of Students: 45 (no boarding)


No. of Teachers: 4 teachers + 4 staff members

Of the 4 teachers, only 2 of them are trained as kindergarten teachers. In need of more fully qualified teachers.


– 6 classrooms
– Library: ~1,500 books
– Cafeteria
– Restrooms: pit-style toilets


A lot of parents have migrated away to work and took their children with them, leading to a steady decline in student population. In 2013 when the kindergarten first began classes, there were 154 students; in 2014 this number shrunk down to 120 students, and by 2015 there are only 45 students left. Coloring books are old, and need to be replenished with new ones immediately. There is a shortage of classwork and play equipment, so improvised materials are used in place of them.