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November 2015 Update

Wuzhong City Litong District Gaozha Liqiao Yu-Lang Hope Elementary School

Date of Visit: November 6, 2015

Purpose of Visit: Revisit

Grades: 1-6 (6 classes total)

The student population is steadily shrinking year after year, with many parents moving away for work and bringing their children with them. This has been a common issue in all 6 schools that we’ve visited on this trip. The education authorities currently do not have any specific measures to deal with this issue. The 5 elementary schools and 1 kindergarten that we visited now all have equipment/facilities that keep up with modern standards. Aside from music, art, and PE, teachers at the schools all largely meet their field’s qualifications.


No. of Students: 114 (no boarding)

Parents care greatly about their children’s education, and students perform well. 100% graduate on to junior high in Litong District.


No. of Teachers: 13

Teaching performance is satisfactory. A lot of the teachers are older.


– 6 classrooms
– Library: ~4,200 books
– Computers: 40 computers
– Cafeteria: only for teachers’ use
– Restrooms: pit-style, 20 squat toilets.


In need of more electronic white boards. The construction quality of the older classrooms are not as good, and portions of the walls are peeling off. They need to be repaired and repainted. Lacking specialized music, art, and PE teachers.