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November 2015 Update

Zhongwei County Yongkang Yanggou Yu-Lang Hope Elementary School

Date of Visit: November 5, 2015

Purpose of Visit: Revisit

Grades: K-6 (7 classes total)


No. of Students: 153 (no boarding)

Student performance is satisfactory. 100% graduate on to secondary school in Yongkang Town.


No. of Teachers: 10

Teaching performance is good. However, they’re lacking a specialized music teacher.


– 7 classrooms
– Library: 2,200 books
– Computer Room: 22 computers
– Cafeteria: none, teachers prepare their own meals in an old building.
– Restrooms: pit-style toilets


In need of a specialized music teacher. Not enough activity classrooms. Lacking funds for fiber internet service, so there are limitations for computer classes. Not enough housing for teachers, forcing nonlocal teachers to rent housing in Zhongwei City. Rental and transportation costs become a burden for these teachers, and it also prevents younger teachers from wanting to come teach in this area. Lacking a kitchen and cafeteria. Teachers must take time to cook meals on their own which may affect teaching performance.