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***All Members Welcome!*** Please call 408-432-8500 to sign up! Classes every Monday 10:00am-11:30am through December 22, 2014.

Senior Calligraphy Seminar Classes

***All Members Welcome!***

Please call us at 408-432-8500 to sign-up!

The Dynamic Foundation will be holding a series of calligraphy classes to introduce students to the classics of Chinese calligraphy.  In addition, the lessons will provide thorough, in-depth studies (including script history, script features, writing requirements, and demonstrations/examples) of the various script styles that are found in Chinese calligraphy.  Classes will be held every Monday from now until December 22nd, 2014, from 10:00am until 11:30am.  Please see below (or our Local Activities page) for class dates and topics:

10/27:  Introduction – Hosted by TDF’s Mr. Kung Shih

11/03:  Seal Script (篆書) – Mr. Guan Yi teaching

11/10:  Clerical/Official Script (隸書) – Mr. Tan Hai Ming teaching

11/17:  Regular Script (楷書) – Mr. Sun Li Jie teaching

11/24:  Semi-Cursive Script (行書), Part 1 – Mr. Sun Li Jie teaching

12/01:  Semi-Cursive Script (行書), Part 2 – Mr. Sun Li Jie teaching;  Study Group: “Sage of Calligraphy” Wang Xizhi

12/08:  Cursive Script (草書) – Mr. Mao Zhao Ju teaching

12/15:  Seal Carving (篆刻) – Mr. Mao Zhao Ju teaching

12/22:  Symposium – Hosted by Mr. Kung Shih

Methods & Requirements

To integrate theory with practical writing:

  • Students are expected to participate in discussion as well as in writing exercises.  After each class, students will also be required to complete a homework assignment, with a signature and stamp on the finished product.
  • Completed assignments should be concise and focus on the class topic.
  • Lessons may be supplemented with calligraphy-related documentaries, DVDs, and other educational materials.  Students are encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions through discussion.
  • Assignments should be completed by the end of each class, and shall be displayed in the student work exhibit by the beginning of the next class, so students can study and comment on one another’s calligraphy pieces.
  • Students will need to provide their own calligraphy supplies (eg. brush, ink, paper, etc.).
  • Please comply with TDF’s rules and regulations.