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September 2012 Update

Dunhuang City Yueyaquan Lanzhou Yu-Lang Hope Elementary School

Date of Visit: September 27, 2012

Purpose of Visit: Revisit

Grades: K-5 (6 classes total)

Although the school is designated as a rural school, it is actually very close to Dunhuang City. Due to an increase in student population, an additional plot of land was purchased behind the current campus for future expansion.


No. of Students: 167 (no boarding)

Students are dedicated to their studies. 100% graduate on to Yueyaquan Town’s junior high.


No. of Teachers: 12

Teachers are earnest and hardworking, producing excellent results such as winning awards year after year. The teachers are younger in age and thus energetic and enthusiastic, helping foster students’ talents.


– 6 classrooms
– 4 multipurpose rooms
– Library: ~5,000 books
– Computer Room: 20 computers
– Restrooms: 31 squat-toilets


Library books are outdated and need to be replaced with new ones. Lacking 40 computers and music equipment. Also lacking kindergarten playground equipment such as slides.