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September 2012 Update

Huining County Guochengyi Dayangying Yu-Lang Hope Elementary School

Date of Visit: September 24, 2012

Purpose of Visit: Project Progress Inspection

Grades: K-6 (7 classes total)

After the completion of a local reservoir and expansion of industry, the student population is expected to rise. Although the campus is not completed finished, lessons are already being held in the new classrooms. However, doors, windows, glass, walls, ceilings, and lighting are not finished being installed yet. Construction quality of the classrooms and offices is crude, which is a bit inferior to other hope schools in Huining County.


No. of Students: 197 (no boarding)

Sixth grade language arts performance is ranked 5th place out of 305 schools in the county. 100% of students graduate on to either Huafeng or Guochengyi junior highs.


No. of Teachers: 16

Teachers are committed to education.


– 7 classrooms
– 2 multi-purpose rooms
– Library: ~3,460 books
– Computer Room: 7 computers
– Restrooms: 40 squat toilets


150 sets of classroom desks and chairs to be replaced. 30 computers and a projector are needed. Flooring in the restrooms, at the school entrance, campus enclosure wall, and exterior campus grounds need to be concreted as soon as possible. The campus also needs landscaping.