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September 2012 Update

Huining County Hepan Yu-Lang Hope Elementary School

Date of Visit: September 24, 2012

Purpose of Visit: Revisit

Grades: K-6 (7 classes total)

It was raining during our visit, and as the exterior campus grounds have yet to be concreted, the water puddled and made the ground unbearably muddy. As a result, the floors in classrooms, teachers’ dormitory, and offices were all dirty. While looking at the library’s borrowing records, we found that students borrow and return books quite often (they read a lot). The thorough records also show that the library is well-managed.


No. of Students: 132 (no boarding)

Students are earnest about their studies. 100% graduate on to Hepan Town’s junior high.


No. of Teachers: 16

Teachers are enthusiastic and hardworking. They are ranked 1st in the town.


– 7 classrooms
– 3 multipurpose rooms
– Library: ~3,800 books
– Restrooms: 20 squat toilets


The schoolyard grounds need to be concreted to avoid problems on rainy days. Classroom desks and chairs are old and will need to be replaced, 50 sets. Need 20 computers (although there are currently 9 computers for teachers to use).