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September 2013 Update

Dunhuang City Dunhuang Farm Yu-Lang Hope School

Date of Visit: September 26, 2013

Purpose of Visit: Revisit

Grades: K-9 (10 classes total)

Overall, the school is above average, and could use some improvement.


No. of Students: 160 (18 boarding)

Student performance is average. About 40% graduate on to high school, and another 40% to vocational school. Student population fluctuation is high (a lot of families migrate around for work).


No. of Teachers: 26

Most of the teachers are older in age and tend to lack the enthusiasm of younger teachers. Music, PE, art, and English classes are included in the curriculum.


– 9 classrooms
– 3 multipurpose rooms
– Dormitory
– Offices
– Library: ~4,100 books
– Computer Room: 30 computers
– Athletic field/playground: Grounds are being concreted (finish within the next two weeks)
– Cafeteria: Provides free nutritious breakfast; includes dining area, prep area, and pantry
– Restrooms: Satisfactory; 18 pit squat-style toilets


The new campus needs cultural amenities. The kindergarten classroom is under construction, but their playground is still waiting to be built. Teachers tend to be older. The school still owes some debt.